Counseling and Coaching for Anxiety, Addiction, Relationships and Trauma

Sustained Recovery, LLC

My Approach

The body and mind have many ways of dealing with stress and not all of them are helpful. The good news is that there are some simple ways to reframe thinking and to change unhelpful behaviors and habits. I use a non-confrontational, pragmatic approach built on a foundation of practical outcome informed tools.

You select the skills and techniques that you are comfortable with and when ready, we’ll work together to address the deeper issues. In this way, you re-engage with your body’s natural navigation system.  As one of my clients put it, “I learned how to befriend myself.”

I devote time each year to learning about new research and approaches and to enhancing my skills so that you have many choices and options. If you are interested, I offer opportunities for you to experience different types of mindful relaxation. These practices are helpful for dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma and addictions. Together we can find internal and external coping strategies that will put you on the road to a sustained recovery.

Harm Reduction: There many paths to recovery. I work with clients who wish to consider moderation as they address change in their lives. Recovery is a process.

The Building Blocks: Putting together a healthy and balanced lifestyle, aligning your life with your values and purpose and positively reinforcing helpful change translates to joyful living and a Sustained Recovery!

Who I Treat: I work with children with ADHD and anxiety, adolescents, young adults, adults and elders. I also work with relationship issues and enjoy helping families reconnect. My clients tend to be highly functional people who have become increasingly distracted by disturbing issues.  Many are also Highly Sensitive Persons (see Elaine Aron, PhD) who mistake their body’s arousal system for anxiety. There are numerous grounding and self-soothing techniques that naturally quiet the system that help them and the general population as well.

What I Treat: Anxiety, Addiction (substance and behavior), Relationship Issues and Trauma.  (A note regarding Substance Use:  I provide assessment and treatment. If a higher level of care is needed, I will navigate the process with you and provide placement options that best suit your needs.)

Scheduling: I offer a range of options. Many of my clients have work/family responsibilities that make scheduling difficult. For busy executives and parents alike, I offer flexible hours and telephonic sessions.

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